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Find a used Marauder and roll with it.  Marauders are so simple.  A few o-rings will keep the rifle going for a lifetime.  A used Marauder is not an issue.  You can replace every wear part for less than $15.  The only wear parts are Home Depot o-rings and a couple springs.  The main thing is to get a rifle and get started.  Dam straight there are great rifles and scopes that cost a bunch that will help your score.  Right now your score is zero because you aren't shooting FT.  Find a used Marauder, Discovery, Maximus, etc.  Stick a 4-16x UTG side focus scope on it and roll.  Keep putting some money a side and later after you have been shooting you have a wad of cash saved up to throw down on a deal that comes along.  By then you will know more about what you want.