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Look forward to hearing about the refund/delivers tomorrow maybe?   Trusting the OP and other poster will get back with an update. And it is always good to check ripoff report also, buyer's & dealers.

Sometimes running a "business" is, not very fun but if business is what feeds your family good communication is needed.

Any professional dealer or tuner should always give a firm turn around time. 6 weeks seems pretty universal ( at least it was for years) except for truly custom -parts- work.  Should'nt ever be a cc charge on any "back order". If it is a professional bussiness , even if there is a death in the family and over-seas travel, communication within 1 week, has to be done.

 There is a reason the folks who have been "dealers" & "tuners" that stay in business for life can do so, their word is good.


Looking forward to those updates.