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my poly barrel loves  air arms 10.3s and as well jsb 10.3s  but its all down to lot numbers.

my raw air rifle is so accurate I can tell what lot numbers are best.

the 13,4s cant hold a candle past 50 yards… the  air arms 10.3 is astounding at 50 yards and beyond.match accurate

the jsb 10.3s no mater what lot number I try so far cant keep with the above air arms.

my lw 12 grove barrel loves 10.6 barracuda match 4.52 match accurate at 50 yards.. more accurate than any jsb 13.4s iver tried.

last but not least the jsb 13.4 at 25 meters is sickly accurate at 25 meters out of the poly barrel.


so in saying all this ive found that its all about finding the right pellet for the range you shoot at.

my rifle is the raw bm500 .177