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I finally got around to it.  This was shot with my D48 + SWFA 6x glass.  .218" sized H&N FTTs.  This is the first time I have sat down and shot more than two or three shots at one time since I shot this ten months ago:

When I picked up the rifle it was exactly as I left it last year when I put it down.    I shot the first shot at the center bottom target (which went low right) then remembered I had a sighter bull and shot one on it.  Then ran the sight up about 7 clicks (which turned out to be too much) and left about seven clicks (which seemed to be about right for the coditions).  Then I shot the rest of the shots, while twiddling the knobs a click here or there.  Clearly the twenty five year old girl still does her part when the rusty old man does his.  Never-the-less, not bad for an old man, with an old magnum springer.  Let me get my zero right and a little practice doping the wind and we can do better, she and I.

  I'll be ready for squirrel season this year.