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Yes, totally agree… Every time (had to do it twice) that I had to empty a tank, I took it to the local dive shop for its fill from empty.

When its due to for its 5 year hydro is a good time to empty it and change out the tank neck to valve o-ring, since it’ll get emptied and refilled after the hydro anyway at the dive shop. Some shops change out the o-ring as a matter of general maintenance when they remove the valve to dry the tank out after the hydro.

If its past expiration date, (which also happened to me on one of my tanks), I just topped off my largest tank from 3000 to 4500 psi, then equalized pressure between that tank and the empty one. Both were down to slightly above 2000 psi, and I then topped off both of them.

But I do agree, it you HAD to fill from empty, a PMV would be beneficial.