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UPS lied, both packages were delivered yesterday.  My Treasure, who was home to take delivery and provide the signature required (21 or older per UPS rules) kindly sent this text along to me: "I couldn't sign for it because I looked underage.  They said they would try again next month, when I was older!"  She has her birthday next month, the funny wretch.  To make the day perfect I got home only to have to turn around immediately and take My Treasure, Her Mini-me (daughter), and my Little Buddy (grandson) down to Indy for a family thing.  What should have been a 50 minute drive became a 1 hour and 40 minute haul due to road work, evening commute traffic, and general lunacy among the sheeple behind the wheels.  All I got done Marauder-wise was to open the box, unpack the rifle, and admire myself in the bedroom mirror as I shouldered the crown jewel of my arsenal.  This weekend is going to be chock full of airgun exploration, and not on YouTube!  Hot diggity!