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Laying prone with the atlas bipod makes those shots much easier. I use a towel under the back and just adjust till it's rock steady. Seeing how the 25cal penetrates with the lighter pellet 25gr I could move out even more with the 34gr MKii but then my holdovers get ridiculous and even using strelok app you have very little room for error. Farthest around my house is 125yards so I doubt I will be shooting anything past that for woodchucks. I hunt two fields where 300 yard shots from a bench for starlings are presented. So I have lots of room for tryouts on birds. This compact has the least power scope 20x that I have on any PCP I own. But I wanted a lighter smaller setup for mobility.  I am very lucky to have great places to shoot/hunt and I'm always shooting at long range, it makes those 50-75 yard shots much easier.