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My Impact .25 with the Donny Ronin is super quiet and a tac driver. The impact of the pellet is by far the loudest sound you hear. I watched a few videos of people replacing the inner materials of the stock Ronin and did the same thing to mine. Put a small metal screen in the center, then wrapped some dense foam around that and it really absorbs the sound well. You should remove your shroud and fit the Ronin to the end of the barrel and check the sound levels, then put shroud back on and Ronin on end of shroud and again check the sound levels. It sounds like you might have an air leak somewhere in the mix, or you are running too much air through the rifle, so do some adjustments to dial in your Impact with the pellets you are using. You should be able to tune the gun into a silent tac driver, so keep at it until you find out where your problem is then fix it.