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I to have gone to the re-designed 13,34 .177jsb's  I have tried to find 10.34's for the last year that had a .452 head with little success from many different vendors!!  I have found that I have lost very little in my trajectory with the weight gain also as I shoot field target . Both of my Air Arms rifles shoot best with 4.52 head size and I find on average only 15 to 20 are 4.51 and the rest are all 4.52 in all of the tins I have sorted (about 20 tins so far)  I have sorted over 10,000 10.34's and only found about 300 that were 4.52 with the majority being 4.49 and 4.50!!  I don't know why the put the head size on the tin if there Q/C is no better than that!!  Hope the 13.34's stay like that!!   J.L.