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My first question is, how is the gun shooting at  that power and what makes you want to change it?


From my personal experiences with several .22 cal platforms, 850-880 is the absolute sweet spot for those monsters. 

As for the reg pressure on the R, I believe Daystate uses a higher than average reg pressure due to the design of the slingshot hammer. Normally those guns operate at full unregulated bottle pressure and even then are incredible efficient and consistent for a non- regulated rifle. 

For the hammer spring tension, there is a way to make some small changes in the hammer throw which will change your speed, efficiency and characteristics of the rifle around.  I don’t have the thread readily accessible but a quick google search should reveal the instructions on how to do that. 

I currently own a Wolverine R in .22 cal ( not the HP model). It shoots the 18.1 JSB’s at a stupidly consistent 875 FPS. At first I wanted to juice it up to shoot closer to 900 but after having 1,000+ pellets through the gun, there isn’t a thing in the works I would change about it. The accuracy is as good or better than anything I’ve ever shot, the shot count is great and the gun is very, very quiet. 


If you just got the gun, give it some time. Try different pellets through it. I have me excellent luck with the Beena. 21.1 gr Kodak’s in my old Airwolf MCT and Air Ranger HP.