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Thanks everyone for all the good input.  As I expected, there really isn't any true BEST choice.  The limited funds are my biggest problem.  I keep adding it up, and no matter how I look at it, the unregulated Marauder is always about $200 more than the Gauntlet.  Then if I wanted to add the regulator to the Marauder another $115.

I am really leaning to the Gauntlet.  I almost have enough saved up for it now.  Maybe I will just buy it, and wait another 6-8 months to get a scope.  Then another year for the hand pump.  Geez, I will be an old man at that rate. 

I really like the look of the Marauder with the wood stock.  It is a good looking gun.  The Gauntlet is just Ugly, no matter how you look at it.  Of course if I am waiting for a scope and pump, that would give me some time to make my own custom wood stock.  I have a decent slab of Cherry in the basement that would be ideal.  Or I saw a farmer cutting down a big cedar tree today.  Maybe I can get a decent chunk of wood out of that and make a really unique stock.

As far as going to a FT match, that is another issue.  I am in West Central Indiana.  Not much FT action around here.  I saw where IndianaAirguns had a match in Anderson a few weeks ago, but couldn't get away from the wife for a day just to "fool around with BB guns" as she puts it.  The local shooting club here used to hold matches about 10 years ago.  They still have all the targets in the basement of the clubhouse.  A couple of other guys claim to be interested in shooting it occasionally, but no one wants to run a match.  That doesn't bother me too much, as I have been reading the rules on line.  Sounds pretty simple.  I figure if I have a gun to shoot, I will try to set up a course and put the word out and MAYBE draw a few folks that actually know what they are doing that can give me a few pointers. 

I really appreciate all the opinions on the two guns.  I didn't see a whole lot about scopes.  With my limited budget, I really can't justify spending more than $200 MAX on a scope.  Whatever I end up getting it will be something with a sidewheel, and Yes, I realize that it will need to be calibrated to my eyes for the range markings.  Thanks for the reminder.   

Thanks Everyone.  Definitely a great group of folks here at Airgun Nation.