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Thanks Bullfrog! So the key is to purchase directly from AF. Did you notice any difference in efficiency? I have escape and planning to get bigger tank for it and thinking if the new valve is worth the upgrade.

Yep, that might be the trick. He ordered his from the Outlet Store. He bought one of the factory blemished guns.

I speculate that it is more efficient, but I haven't actually crunched the numbers. The closest "apples to apples" test was we shot each gun wide open on middle range spring settings with 34 grain Neilson swaged HPs and his was topping those out in the 1100s fps while mine couldn't do better than 1080fps, and he got more shots at the top of the power arch than I did. However, he ended his shot string about 200psi lower than I did. So I can't for the air usage which gun was best. His got a longer shoestring over a longer psi range, if that makes sense the way I've explained it. 

We were really interested in the 65 gn cast slugs. Our guns performed similarly at the peak (my 928fps to his 937fps). But we didn't shoot a full string. I was pressed for time and had to leave. 

A big HOWEVER is that I tried some of the 73 grain Mr. Hollowpoints at dusk and I was getting low readings (820s). I need to shoot them some more in good daylight to confirm their speeds. If the lower speeds for them remains the same out of my gun, then my gun may be hitting its ceiling for its max fpe level (120fpeish), while I suspect my brother's 2018 gun would launch the same bullet much faster.