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Well, are you certain your received the BKL-260D7 One piece droop mount and perhaps didn't accidentally get a BKL-288 one piece adjustable mount in the box?  That might explain it both of windage and elevation adjustments being way out of whack. The 260D7 does have 24moa at 100yrds of compensation however that doesn't account for 24inches at 20yrds unless my math is off.

Beyond that I am not sure, I know the bkl's use a sort of pinching motion when you tighten the ring caps and as such there tends to be a bit of side to side play in the saddle which can allow the scope to rotate laterally slightly as you tighten the rings.  I've seen it happen to some of my scopes and that causes a windage poi shift although eighteen inches sounds pretty extreme.

Not sure if you mentioned but did you try putting the rws mount back on after trying the bkls to see if the poi comes back to where you expect it be?