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Hi Kiba, I have to say that at when I just got my rifle the regulator pressure was set at 120BAR and I suffer form the same issue but I got air dump on my cheek and the subsequent velocity drop of near 40FPS, after I drop the reg pressure to 105BAR never happened again I'll report if the problem comes again once I tune the rifle to shoot the 34 grains.

Now I did the tests and here are the results with corresponding pics and explanation, there's not much scientific procedures on some of them but I'm just starting if any of you have suggestions or ideas please be my guest !!!

Pic Nº1: 6 shot groups at 50mts of the pellets that I showed on the previous post, I didn't measure speed because I just wanted to see if the barrel like them or not, as point of reference I shot them with my initial setup of the JSB 25 grains, reg at 105BAR so can get an idea.

Conclusion: Barrel liked the Edguns (of course), Barracuda Hunter Extreme and surprise surprise !!! the Benjamin Domed, maybe more test is required.


Pic Nº2: 100mts groups at 2 different velocities with the JSB 25gr, unsorted, 8 shots each.

Conclusion: just as JWilson said, the 25 grainers shoot better at longer ranges at 880FPS avg at the muzzle.


Pic Nº3: Here I sorted the JSB 25 grains, visually inspected and head size diameter with the pelletgagewith 3 sizes 6.36, 6.37, 6.38, vast majority was 6.37mm then 6.38mm. After that I left one group lubed (L)and another unlubed (N.L.), 7 shots per red bullseye. 

Conlusion: Seems that the 6.37 are more consistent and no real difference between lube or not lube pellet.


Pic Nº4: After head size diameter sorting I re-shot at 100mts to see the difference, 9 shots per group.


Conclusion: Again the 6.37mm group better at 100.

So after all this testing the night settle in so I had to leave the range ?. 

What comes next…….???

With the 25grains pellets that I have let I'm going to weigh both batches the 6.37 and the 6.38mm and shoot them again to see if the rifle likes a particular weight and post the results.

Hope you like this and that helps all of us to get know the gun a little better, remember……..any ideas let me know!.

Bye bye