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Golfer, if the ability to swap-out different caliber barrels is not a deal-breaker for you, I would definitely go with the WC. I've owned both an Impact .30 and a WC .25. The Impact has a lot of bells and whistles, most of which I never used. (There was just more to go wrong, IMO.) The WC is an all-fixed platform (except for the trigger, which I found to be easier to adjust than the Impact). But perhaps the most important aspect for me is that the choice of hunting rounds is better with the .25. Although the Impact .30 has almost twice the power of the WC .25, I am taking more game with my WC than I did with my Impact. I have not found a decent hollow-point for the .30 cal. and the JSB domed pellets usually just pass right through the animal, with many times the animal escaping. The H&R Baracuda Hunter Extreme .25s dump almost all of their energy into the animal. The animal usually just drops on the spot. (I almost always recover the pellet from the animal.) I also found the WC to be more accurate than the Impact, making shot placement more effective.