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Welcome mw243! The Ring-Loc has different size orifices that are threaded on the inside as well as having a threaded lock collar to hold the chosen orifice in place. Using the lock collar, it is possible to adjust the distance from the tophat to the breech (should have no play.) I originally thought the adjustment could be used in place of an oring or spacer behind the tophat but I think it is only for adjusting the distance to breech. I think the new tank valve that accepts the Ring-Loc will not accept any other style tophat. I know for sure that the Ring-Loc setup cannot be used with an existing tank valve.If you do not have the valve that was designed for the Ring-Loc setup, you will need to call A/F to buy the new valve as it is not available online.


Edit-I just spoke with A/F and it seems the new valve will work with the original style tophat but would mean a significant loss of power so it makes little sense to use anything but the Ring-Loc because power can be adjusted with the orifices. Just to reiterate, the Ring-Loc cannot be used with any tank valve that was not designed for Ring-Loc. The adjustment is not used to adjust travel-only to make the distance from tophat to breech proper.