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Ok so here is my groups at end of the day once I was more comfortable with gun.  The top 2 are 1" targets and that was with the raw .25 at 56 yards. The bottom target is 3" and as you can see I moved a little bit and had one shot high. The very center of the 3" target is raw .25. Then the 2 circled groups are made with my WAR flex .30 which I am very comfortable shooting. Keep in mind the RAW groups may not be as tight as the .30 but this was only the second time out with the rifle. I'm sure with more time I will get them tighter and the gun probably needs more  shooting to break in all the way. But I really enjoy shooting it and it's a hammer for pellets in .25 cal. As for sound best I could do is download a decibel app on my phone so how accurate it is I don't know. But it was reading 98 decibel every time I shot it. Hope that helps you out Renegade_626.