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@pghrocker Let me try to give some insight that I hope can help a little bit. It is rather difficult for some of us to give input on 1 a gun we are not familar with and 2 (specially) a platform we are not familiar with, even if they have similar working components. The ammo being shot is of importance as well, as most of us shoot pellets, not round balls of any kind. Hopefully someone here does have Airsoft hobby experience, and may be able to help further. 

COST. I feel pretty confident in thinking that no one wants to spend a penny more than they have to in order to get the most accurate and powerful gun they could get. Most new folk to this hobby will end up learning the hard way that it will cost way more than you ever thought you were willing to spend to stay in the game. Most of the time it is worth spending the most you can up front and will avoid buying twice. I have a gun I paid $200 U.S. for in my shed that I may be able to use to grab by the barrel to beat down an attacker, or as a door stop. When I bought it I thought it was my for ever gun and cringed at the thought of spending so much on a "BB gun" My cheapest gun now costs about $650 with mods included. 

Power/Speed If you want more power or speed you will need to first have a way of knowing somehow where you are at to begin with and be able to measure the improvements of the mods applied. If you are able to get your hands on a Chronograph somehow, it would serve you well. But most of the time it will be accuracy rather than power that will give you better results than power. What good will it be to have a much power as an AK 47, and miss your target each time by 15cm? A lot of the European countries are limited to low power guns. They focus their energies on accuracy and are very successful in taking down game like rabbit out to as far as 60 meters. 

I think the distance you consider short distance is relative. I would say for most of us 20 meters is close range, but that is an individual assessment.   

I hope this helps at least in giving you some perspective and hopefully there is someone here that has better knowledge on this subject that could help you achieve what you want without spending a whole lot. 

Best Wishes