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CEA1960, 6mm is the standard size for the round plastic airsoft 'pellets', but there are also steel 'balls' available in this size. The Snow Wolf is made in China (unfortunately) but is on many of the review boards. It seems to be a fairly popular rifle.

Spysir, I'm pretty sure I mentioned in my post that these WERE "metal BBs", although larger than the standard .177 cal. 

John L57, I know it's an airsoft rifle, but I'm using only steel BBs for pests. The airsoft forums ONLY want to discuss plastic BBs, and apparently sites like this don't now how to handle the question either. I also mentioned in my post that I shoot live pests, although I don't consider it 'hunting' in the traditional sense. My primary targets are pigeons above my window ledges, and rats near my trash cans, 10-20 meters max. Does that fit your description of "small game" and "close range"?  But I'll take your advice and contact Evike.

I guess I'm confused at how I give specifics in my post and then have them repeated back to me as if they'd not been mentioned.


Thanks to all of you for replying, anyway. I appreciate it. Good luck to you.