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I don't quite understand the use of molecular sieve and desiccant ( looks like silica gel ) in the same cartridge.  Why not molecular sieve all the way ? the main purpose is to remove moisture right ? Furthermore, the diameter of the molecular sieve balls looks too big. There will be a higher chance for the air to go around the balls instead of through them so the effectiveness of moisture removal will be reduced I believe.

 My sentiments exactly.  This filter with repackable cartridge is a game changer.  It is worth the extra cost compared to the gold filters which come with cotton filter moisture absorbant.   The fact that the cartridge can be repacked with zeolite 13x sized desiccant should completely satisfy the "acid leeching" concerns for compressor owners who have been reluctant to buy these filters.  I made wall liner for my gold filter using slide projector transparent plastic sheets which works perfectly as a cartridge substitute.  At $82, these new cartridge filters will provide the same moisture protection as $400 filters.