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Have owned the SFP version and finally let it go because of the sever color bleeding problem. Under bright sun light, everything with high contrast is surrounded by a fat rainbow. In dimmer conditions, the color is not that prominent but the image is not as sharp as it can be. I shoot targets only so all the images I have been looking at are black lines on white papers. Because of the high contrast, the problem always shows up at its worst.  The only way to alleviate the bleeding is to reduce the magnification.  My Falcon 10-50× 60 does not have the same problem despite of it's much higher magnification.   Having said that, I am very pleased with my Hawke SW 4-16X 50 which will likely stick to my AA Prosport forever. 

Umm, with all due respect-unless there's some documented proof that the optical designs are identical-the FFP version is a totally different optical design so I don't honestly think the experiences with a different scope are really applicable to the FFP version being discussed?  Just so others who are reading this thread aren't confused, the comments above do NOT apply to the Hawke 6-24 x 56mm FFP scope that this thread is about.

Now, if the posted had this experience directly with the FFP version, then the comments would be relevant.  However, the the FFP version has to use a different optical design due to the placement of the reticle within the optical path, at a minimum.