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Just this pass Sunday, one of the o-rings on my Brocock Contour S6 Elite fill probe gave out and I was only left with 150 BAR in the air cylinder. It stopped my shooting session on the spot and I was at a camp out for the weekend far away from any hardware store. I did find the correct o-ring size on Brocock's website and placed an order at The O-ring Store along with other miscellaneous Buna-N 70D o-rings. I also stopped by at my local Home Depot and picked up the Danco brand Small Assorted O-rings and tried to match it. I did find one to fit but it's stretched out and I'm not sure how long it's going to last. It did work filling up my rifle back to 200 BAR but I was very cautious by placing something in front of the fill whip and my face in case I got whacked. It's only temporary until my order with the correct size comes in. Here's a pic of the Danco brand o-rings…