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I leak tested everything with soapy water many times.  Even stopped the compressor and shut off the tank to see if the gauge would bleed down….no leaks.   I think mine must have leaky internal valves or poor piston ring seals.  (Total time on the compressor is under 3 hours).  my first Yong Heng worked flawless, but it got melted in my house fire.  The new one has had problems from day one.  I had the crank case cover off to check the bottom end because it sounded like it was trying to seize up…nothing wrong tho…just a lot of dirt/filings left in there from the manufacturer.  the problem turned out to be with the Regulator/auto shut-off system, so I removed it all and wired the motor direct.  now I have to watch the fill pressure and shut it off manually.  This seems to be a common problem with these pumps, So I recommend anyone wanting to buy one of these, to get the cheaper version, without the auto shut-off or red light/warning buzzer and keep an eye on the gauge while filling or you will be replacing the safety burst-discs that will pop between 4,500 and 5,000 psi.   Also, consensus is building, that the factory recommended #46 hydraulic oil is not very good in these compressors and a high performance synthetic compressor oil is better for the bearing surfaces and stays cleaner longer.  I am switching to the "Royal Purple" brand of synthetic compressor oil ASAP.  Finally, I would add that my unit runs very hot, even with a couple gallons of ice in the water; about 60 65 degrees C.  Maybe because of the hot ambient temp here (inland San Diego county) So I have to run the pump after Midnight, when the air gets down in the 80s(F). PITA!

  The detergent in the cooling water will help break up the surface tension, but don't know if it will aid much in cooling ability….can't hurt.