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Aa_limited, It's here

Deutsch, I agree. It's certainly quieter that a .22 rimfire, and I can shoot comfortably without hearing protection. BUT…. I have the original prototype of the Neighbor From Hell living on the same side of the house as my one lane 25M 'range'. This waste of skin once called the police on me for 'throwing spider eggs' in his yard. (?!) The police were suitably amused by this, but weren't quite ready to 5150 him. When I confronted him over it, he came after me with a baseball bat.Seriously.  The man hasn't a clue how to use a contact weapon properly, so I put a quick end to that little adventure. That said, I have no desire to arouse whatever daemons he's dealing with.

So yeah, a moderator is pretty much a requisite anytime I want to put a few down range but don't have the ambition to load up the car and head to the local range.

Back to matters at hand… I just talked it over with Ken around the end of last week. Haven't heard back from him yet. I'm not exactly clear whose moderator or how he plans to adapt it to the existing shroud. Next time I talk to him, I'll get more in the way of details.He's earned my trust (and that of many others) so I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. I asked if he had any pictures. No such luck, but he promised it'd "look cool" :)