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I thought you'd never ask….

Required parts:

Brocock Bantam bottle adapter block (part # 11) and male fill adapter pieces (part # 17,18,19,15,14,10,13,12 and 16 x 2)

Buddy bottle to replace airtube (aftermarket aluminum or carbon fiber bottle rated for 250 bar max pressure, or part # 20)

pressure gauge (part # 83 and 16)


I found the parts list on the Brocock website (


After gathering your parts, you need to make the required cuts on your stock to allow the bottle to fit, and then a hole cut at the bottom of your stock to access the fill port.  Replacing the airtube with the bottle adapter is straight forward-check parts diagram for fitment.


Please do not attempt to do this modification if you are unfamiliar working with high pressure air rifles.  It can potentially be dangerous and/or fatal if you make a mistake.  This posting is for informational purposes only.