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My apologies for not realizing this is THE place for all things RAW. I recently became the proud owner of a TM1000 .177 in a red/black laminate BM stock. I started a thread titled "Oh Happy Day" in this forum when I should have just posted here. Anyway, there's pictures there and a description of my experiences with the rifle so far if you're interested.

Meantime, the one and only issue I have with the TM is it's loud with the standard titanium ported shroud. So I've been in touch with Ken Hicks, and he says he can add a moderator pretty easily. I'm not sure which moderator, but I trust Ken's judgement. So as soon as he gets his hands on whatever parts he needs for the job, I'll send him my barrel/shroud for the upgrade. He says the job shouldn't take more than a day or so. With that in mind, I'd like to second Sell682's advice.

Once I get the moderated barrel onboard, I'll report back here.


hey rew crow do you have a link to that thread  oh happys days?