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My son-in-law has an impact and has to send it in to get repaired. Suddenly stopped holding air. The gun is less than a year and half, had about 500 pellets put thru it and now he gets to cover the costs to get it fixed.  That is what you face going with FX. Either shoot the crap out of the gun and make sure it really works, or get something like he has. he plans to sell it after it is fixed since he has had so many issues with it.  Power wheel doesn't work, max velocity is 820 fps no matter what screws or bolts he turns, had to rebuild some linkage because when he took it apart to reach something else, he found out the steel screw had been screwed into the aluminum at an angle, so the screw wouldn't go in straight. He was happy at first when he got it, but when he was able to finally bring it over to check it on the Chrony, we found the issue with the power wheel.  Not good.  I sent my FX in to them just after they opened and had to stay on top of them to get it out in a decent time. 3-4 weeks seems to be the norm.