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Patchworm is the best kind of cleaning system I have used.  Has anyone else noticed that the .25 "plug" seems to be a bit undersized though?  I wrapped a short piece of teflon tape around mine to get a snug fit (with patch) in my barrel.  My .22 works perfectly and fits very snug.  Have also thought of whittling down my .30 cal to fit .25 snug since I don't own a .30 gun….

I have the same experience with the .25 cal plug (and the VERY snug fit on .22). That teflon tape trick seems like a really smart idea, I might give that a try in the next go around. I never considered shimming the .25 plug because I had a little mishap where I ran a same diameter but slightly thicker patch through a .22. The patch got stuck inside the barrel, and the patchworm cable pulled through the patch leaving me with a wad of fabric stuck in the barrel. Wasn't the end of the world, but definitely created a oh-shit moment. How many wraps of teflon did you use on the .25 plug?