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When all is said and done, it comes down to how much do you wanna spend? I recently bought Crosman's brand new GuideHawk NP .177 ultra magnum from Midway USA on their clearance page for $70! And this is a nitro piston Remington look-alike that Crosman site wants $249.99 for, Midway's regular price (after 4th) is $199.99. Very good, solid wood-n-steel rifle that came with a Centerpoint 3-9×32 mildot scope on what looks like Hawke mounts on a welded Weaver rail. Just like the Benjamin Trails.


Then there's the Hatsan Striker 1000x .22 I also got from Midway USA on ale for $95.99. Came with crap Optima 3-9×32 scope,, which I immediately replaced with a Hammers 3-9x32AO mildot scope I'd already ordered from amazon seller Treadpro. Good German steel barrel and isn't overly pellet-picky. The springer like this one can still be had cheap if you look around. I shot hole-in-a-hole at 25yds with CPHP's 14.3gr. 5-6 shot group that could fit in a dime at that range too.


And, if you like vintage air rifles, then something like this Crosman 66AB Powermaster would do for birds and other small pest species, They can be had for around $60 on eBay auctions, Amazon, etc. This one has a Optima 3-9×32 scope on mid rise Hawke mounts. A good young adult-sized .177cal pump pester.


Also, if you might fancy Co2, there's the Umarex Fusion .177cal. Not very expensive, shoots well and at respectable velocities for $140 to $150. Co2 gas tube cap needs replacing with metal Archer upgrade cap that doesn't leak Co2 or get stuck because of old seal materials used in the Umarex cap.

The Fusion stock looks a bit different now, but internally, it's undoubtedly the same. A few choices I have personal experience with…