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This is amazing. Now there is no reason not to get FX. Ever since they brought Ernest into their ranks and formed their own dedicated FX USA, I have been starting to want to get another Fx gun again. It will take a while for them to get everything sorted and trained but I have faith that they will get it done.

I respectfully disagree. I would not want to buy a new gun then have to box it, and this usually requires buying packaging, ship it off and then wait an undetermined amount of time for its return and pray that it is properly repaired so I don't have to repeat the process. I've had two brand new rifles that required repeat warranty service work, but I was able to take them to AOA. Having to send them off to the factory would have been a major hassle.

Obviously FX feels that their policy provides an economic advantage to them or they wouldn't be doing it this way. But any advantage they are gaining right now comes as an inconvenience for the customer IMO. Perhaps in the future they can at least give you a specific turn around time, or maybe authorize a loaner for extended repair times.

Frankly FX should have had everything sorted out with the necessary personal and training in place to handle the job well before they changed their policy. Just my opinion of course. The FX one year warranty versus others with a 5 year is another story. Enough said…