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In case anyone is interested, I used a regular hardware store variety propane torch to warm the shroud. I kept the flame moving rapidly and constantly so as not to concentrate heat in any single spot, but to heat the threaded portion gradually and uniformly, while at the same time applying constant counter-clockwise pressure on the shroud with the other hand. Suddenly the shroud turned and I immediately removed the flame and continued to unscrew the shroud by hand. I didn't need to use a wrench of any kind, nor the pins as seen in the AoA video. It was all done by hand and there was no discoloration of the shroud as is usually seen by those who focus the flame on one particular area.

The set screw that secures the rear shroud bushing to the barrel required the use of heat also, but I chose an electric soldering iron to localize the heat right on the set screw. After a period of heating, I'd try to loosen it with the allen wrench. If it didn't budge, I simply applied the soldering iron to it again. After the third heating session, it finally yielded. I simply repositioned the rear bushing forward a bit to make uniform clearance for the air bottle and reset the screw. Viola! Done!