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The first shot from a regulated gun after storage for any period should always be either at regulated pressure or higher than regulated pressure(assuming in most cases, bottle pressure is higher than regulated pressure).

If regulated gun was stored away and then shot at a higher room temperature from when it was stored, you should expect the first regulated shot to be at a higher pressure/fps. This is because the regulator has no way to dispel the pressure build up from initial regulated pressure as temperature builds up in it – as temperature increases, pressure increases. 

Conversely, if regulated gun was stored for a period and then shot when the room temperature was at its lowest, then one should expect the pressure to be at regulated pressure, assuming no creep.

You have a regulator creep/leak issue if your regulator creeps gradually towards bottle pressure over time during storage, or if the regulator takes a long time to get back to set regulator pressure after a shot, or it just does not regulate at at all and just shoots at bottle pressure.