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“SteveS.”Ted, did you get the .22 and why so, if you don’t mind me asking..SteveSteve

I ordered one of each (.22 and .25).  Had I not traveled to Germany (IWA) I would have only ordered the .22.  The .25 seemed too long to me.  Then I shouldered a scoped .25, and changed my mind.  I can comfortably carry the .25 Wildcat by the “cross bar” in the stock without the muzzle getting anywhere near the ground.  And despite looking a bit “long”, the .25 at 6.5lbs still handled exactly like a bullpup.  In time, I will likely find myself shooting either the Wildcat or Bobcat .25 more often.  If one of them threatens to become a safe queen, it’s off to the classifieds.  :)