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That's about what I figured. I hate to put a flame on that pretty shroud, but, that's what everybody has to do. I'll see to it today if I have time. I already took the end cap off and found the two little pin holes in the end of the shroud for the spanner wrench to remove it. I think I may have some old broken numbered drill bits that will serve for pins to unscrew it after I warm it a bit to soften the locktite. Can't wait to get this beauty shooting right. I've already seen what this baby can do. Yesterday, before I refilled the gun, I put a whole magazine through a hole smaller than my thumbnail at 50 yards. It was no fluke of luck, either. The afternoon sun was just right and I watched every round fly perfectly to that same hole. I won't get it chronied today, though. It's so freeking hot and humid that I can't breath. I'm working indoors today. I'll let you all know how I get on with the shroud.

Thanks for the help.