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Just do it.

Owned both, I've shot FT before and understand getting started.

Grab one. Doesnt matter ,tho a regulator makes things easier you can get by either way.

A well experienced trigger snob type ( no offence intended) will often choose the marauder a true 2 stage that will go down in the ounces. Gauntlet is a single stage that will go down in the ounces. 

Balance/stability in the seated FT position goes to the Gauntlet.

Shot count, naturally gauntlet.

Groups – seen over 20 marauders but only 2 .177 gauntlets , accuracy of poor sampling goes to Gauntlet. Gauntlet uses many many pellets well, Crosman is said to have a redesigned ( new tooling run ? ) barrel I haven't tried.

Ergonomics Gauntlet. 

The only reason "I" would choose a marauder over a gauntlet is weight , too many broken vertebra . Hopefully youn dont have that problem and weight is steady.  Gauntlet will just be more enjoyable and it's a dollar cheaper.


 What club are you shooting at?