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You will get many many opinions on what to get.  get the best rifle you can afford and remember that in FT the scope is just as important as the rifle.  The scope depends on what division you are shooting in however, check the rules on  Rifle must be capable of shooting into a 1.5 inch kill zone at a maximum of 55 yds.

.177 is the best caliber for FT and the bigger ones are better for hunting and killing stuff.  My guns are all regulated but don't get hung up on that as lots of guys shoot great scores with unregulated pcp rifles and with springers as well.  Don't get hung up on power either but you do need a gun that shoots with at least 11+ fpe.

I suggest you go to a few matches and see what is being used and talk to the shooters as well.  Great sport, good luck.

Rick B.