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Thank you guys.  I’m having some fun with it.  We’re on 24 acres and about 16 is planted in soy beans.  


We don’t farm it ourselves but the old timer who does is always complaining about these buggers.  There is quite a population and I counted at least 30 new babies running around this spring.  When they nearly took down my own vegetable garden in a few hours, it was game on.  I’m winning the war right now!!


Starlings are always on the hit list along with the occasional over zealous squirrel.  The one I wish I had on cam was sitting upright facing me.  He was chewing the flesh off of golf ball size walnut.  The shot hit the walnut square and blew it out of his hands and must have been diverted or the pellet stuck into the fleshy part of the walnut.  He just stood there with his hands in front of him, looking around totally confused for like 10 seconds. I was laughing too hard to take a second shot and figured he deserved a pass for the day. 


Ill make ale sure to film more of my pesting moving forward.