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AOA should have the work under warranty. But I know it's a pain to send it back again.  However, anything you do to it (if still under original factory warranty) could void the warranty.  With that said:

CAUTION:: the capacitor on the circuit board has a very high Volt/Amps charge. Normally, if you want to check the circuit board board, disconnect the battery and let it discharge for about 8 hrs.  If you know how to discharge the battery faster, fine, but do it safely.  

Turn the key ON. Check all connections, especially where the battery connects to the circuit board.

Try to remove the battery and measure it with a voltmeter to see if it's charged,  With the battery removed, use the Ohm-meter to check if all wires to and from the battery are intact.  If you have an amp-meter and know how to measure amps (do not short circuit for more than a second or so) see if you have at least 200-400mAh in the battery to see if the charging circuit even works,.

Try a 9V "radio" battery (make sure connecting the right polarity to the circuitboard.   It should turn on. 

Going further to see why there is no power or not charging may require some know-how of circuitcircuit boards.