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I have about 6k shots through my impact x in .25 not a single issue and a tac driver at 50 yards

well it's good to hear about customers who have not exprienced any problems with their impacts. Because it seems ppl are more likely to come to forum and open topics complaining about the problems they had while happy customers are enjoying their impact out there :)

Hi Roger 

I have had my Impact X  in .25 with about the same amount of shots since around April .   I too was also really hesitant to purchase, after reading all the reports of issues on the Impacts.   Right from day one it has been a absolute tack driver and flawless.  Right out of the box I  couldn't believe how smooth and accurate it was without any adjustments.  Now I don't know if I was just lucky or what lol, but it has been great since day one.  After a few days of shooting I did start playing with the adjustments to see how it would react  and shot it over my Chrony so I could get some data .   With a 250 bar fill I got 86 shots with a spread of 23 fps.  That was shooting the JSB MK2 33.95 gr at a avg 822fps. The JSB 25 gr also shot great but it loved the 33 gr JSB better.    I also right away went with the Side shot magazine kit, that makes it able to hold 26 shots with their magazine.   I can not tell you enough how Bad*%$  that magazine makes the impact.  You have 26 shots of .25 cal and with the impact having such a high shot count it makes it a perfect combo.  I sit down for what I think is going to be a few shots  after I get out of work and it ends up being a whole tin  because of the magazine capacity and shot count.  The magazine loads wayyyyyyy easier than the stock FX mag.   Any ways, thought I'd share and give another happy owner report since I admit you do read allot of bad on them and honestly like they say very few come on these forums to say how happy they are  and more tend to ask about issues they're having.  I am hoping that won't be me haha . I guess time will tell