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Faster than Amazon on their products. An addendum. I removed the FX end cap and the FX moderator and didn't see how the Koi would fit. I sent him an email and expected a reply in a day or two as I thought I might have ordered the wrong one. About 5' after I sent the mail my phone rang and it was Donny. He asked me to send him a picture and I did. I learned. and maybe some of you don't know, theirs a 3rd piece that has to be removed and it's the one that's screwed into the shroud. I tried to remove it but all I did is loosen the shroud. Even got some herking pliers, with padding to prevent scratching the surfaces, and still no luck. I remembered a video I saw that showed how to dis assemble the Wildcat. That man used heat to loosen the locktite. I got out the propane torch and just heated it up all around for maybe 10 seconds. It wasn't even finger tight then and was easily removed. Gotta us a rag to take it off to prevent getting burned by the removed part. Then the Koi fit on perfectly. Went out and shot it of course. All I could hear was the hammer strike.