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Thanks guys for the comments. Here's another clue that I kind of ignored but I think is very worth mentioning. At some point probably while installing the Huma regulator, re-adjusting the regulator or tracking down a leak I had a little difficulty getting the rear stock screw to go back in after just slightly snugging up front screw. Up until then it went back together perfectly. At the time it was one of those "hmmm, that's odd, oh well" moments. It finally screwed in with a little finessing so not a problem, I thought. It's a sign that the spacing between the two holes has change a little and thanks to RJ and RMguy this got my little wheels turning, took a little push but they did finally start rolling.

This evening I marked the air tube with a pencil at the forward clamp, loosened up the clamp screws and moved the clamp assembly back, maybe 1/32 of an inch, snugged the hex screws up and set it back into the stock. I could tell the rear screw was now aligned a lot better and it screwed in perfectly as before. I measured the gap between the shroud bushing and the forward clamp and it's now gapped to .043". Of course I had to re-adjust the pellet probe depth but with my machined tool it only takes a couple of minutes. I may have to fine tune the depth because I'm short about 10fps. I was shooting the MKI's at 875 before and after this reassembly and adjustment the velocity was 865.

I still do not know if this is going to resolve my POI issue but none the less it was a great learning experience. My take away from this to pass on to others before you start tinkering is take a few measurement's. All guns are going to be a little different so I'd for sure get a measurement on the bushing to clamp gap and the pellet probe depth. Your gun is going to be unique to all others so you'll always have a reference to go back to.

Oh, btw these adjustments have a huge impact on the trigger. Your trigger may lose a definite second stage wall or the gun my not cock at all.