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I’ve had my Impact for over 2 years and still enjoy shooting it as much as the day I bought it. It’s actually not a complicated gun once you take a little time to understand how it works. It’s unlike many pcp’s where all the working parts are contained in one block like the Crown. It’s shape has been determined by the way the working parts of the gun fit together Every piece has a purpose  No bling!

The way it’s designed means it can be easy updated  As FX introduced new pieces I have been able to keep my gun up to the latest specification  So Yes the changes that have been made have improved the Impact and made it more reliable and if they continue to make improvements I’ll keep updating  

It’s all metal construction makes it robust and workmen like to use. No beautiful wooden stock to get dinged and it’s so easy to handle and carry in the field. I own a Crown but when I hunt I rarely consider taking it instead of the Impact  

2 years after I bought my Impact and I’m now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 700mm .30cal barrel. Of course you could say Fx with there clever marketing are getting me to spend more but I’ve had a ball with this gun and judging by the results at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge there’s a lot more fun to come.