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Dave socaloldman is spot on you’ll feel really chuffed when you find the problem but it will drive you mad until you do. I had the same problem with my 22 cal Trail a few months into owning it. At first I did all the usual things checking stock screws, breach seal, scopes, shooting style and consistency to name a few. But the problem still continued. I would shoot in the morning zero the scope and in the arvo I’d have the same results as you. I then took the rifle apart cleaned it and fitted a new piston seal. No luck.

I then tested the ram to see if it was consistent and not leaking buy putting it in a drill press and measured the pressure it took to compress. That was all ok as well. Put it all together and still the same. If I left the rifle in the morning sun for 5 minutes the poi would be spot on after a few initial shots where you could see the pellets climb to the target.

I still wasn’t happy so I bought another ram which was 5 kilos less then the Benjamin one. Problem fixed, I was a happy chappy.

This may not be your particular problem but I thought I’d share with you my experience. Hope you find it soon.