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Well … many good points have been made. I recently acquired a Daystate Wolverine R in .22 (two months old) and I own a RAW HM1000X in .25. Bought it new about 2 years ago.

Both are exceptional rifles and both are very accurate and fun to shoot and to date I have put about 500 rounds through the Wolverine, as for the RAW I have owned it so long I would imagine it has about 1,000+ shots easy through it.

I find the more "traditional" stock on the RAW more appealing than the stock on the Daystate. The one on the Wolverine is comfortable and affords a good cheek weld and eye position. 

Side by side it is a hard call. Take it from someone who just sold two rifles. You will take a loss possibly if you sell. The market is weird right now. I shot both rifles yesterday. Both performed quite well. The RAW gets you two more shots per magazine and the magazines are less expensive.  The Daystate seems like more of a refined machine with the edge towards being more technologically advanced. But that is just my opinion. The RAW may be "older" technology, however, it simply works!

I like the idea of keeping the RAW and modifying it…