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A few comments:

"the first time I went hunting I noticed my shots hit at a different POI from where they hit from my zero.  And it was way off – like 2 inches"

Same here with my HW break barrels if zero'd from a bench and shot with a different support in the woods.

"now I shoot 99% standing from a Caldwell Magnum Fieldpod.  This simulates hunting conditions in the field a lot better."

 My offhand skills are so poor and I can't take a bench into the woods so I do almost all late season hunting (when bare trees made stalking difficult) by sitting on a bucket with back against a comfy tree trunk while resting the gun on cross sticks I carried with me. In the early season when the leaves were on the trees I would take my R9 and cross sticks for a support if there wasn't a solid tree for support. Also, when shooting squirrels I tried to keep all shots within my 30 yard zero distance and only extended the distance to about 40 yards under perfect still shooting conditions. Hummmm….I hardly ever take offhand shots at living critters. Matter of fact, offhand shots are so discouraging for me that I would simply pass up any shots that aren't supported!

"A lot of people feel that 5 to 10 shots best show the accuracy of the gun. I believe that 3 shots will do the trick.  Me personally, I can hold my technique and concentration for 3 shots no problem.  Afterwards, if a shot strays, more than likely it’s me the shooter."

I prefer shooting 5 shot groups but many times I'll have a nice tight 4 shot group and the 5th will be a flier like this group at 50 yards showing the "5th shot out". Was the "5th shot out" due to the pellet, the gun or the shooter……..well, probably! ;)

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"I don’t need a scope with precise tracking because i use holdover/under all the time."

I also only use holdover aiming, however I do need a scope that can "scope rangefind" for the hunter class field target matches I attend and I do need a scope that will hold up under the recoil of my piston guns without shaking loose. I never shoot past 55 yards (55 yards is the max target placement for field target), but that 10ish yard target with the 3/8" diameter killzone does require good optics and a sharp focus to separate the killzone from the pellet splatters all around!  I personally need both "scope rangefinding ability" (the hunter class is limited to 16x) and crisp optics from 10 yards to 55 yards for my hunter class field target shooting. I use the same rig for all my shooting and even use "hunter class field target techniques" for squirrel hunting.

“show me something I can’t hit with a Leapers scope and regular PCP that I can hit with an expensive scope and expensive gun and I will get an expensive scope and gun.”

Yep….you CAN probably hit the target regardless of the scope as long as the scope rangefinds good enough that you can determine the distance to the target and the resolution is good enough to see a shaded killzone in a dark target set on a dark lane. I have a couple leapers scopes (a $70 4-16×40 Adventure Class with AO and a $130 3-12×44 Accushot SWAT side focus) which I have used for hunter class field target but my $300 5-15×50 Hawke Panorama does work much better on the field target lanes!

LOL….I've seen a couple high price scopes like the "$3500 March Optics High Master 10-60 x 56mm Tact Knob" clamped to field target guns during a match and a $1400 Sightron, so I'm guessing that it all depends on what the shooter is doing with his air gun and how deep his pockets are…..

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