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I have owned both. The only thing the Gaunlet has for it – is shot count and regulated. Otherwise the Urban has it beat hands down.

Urban Pros- Short, light weight, thumb hole stock, easy to point.

                    Accuracy is dead on.

                   Trigger is easy to mod for a nice 2 stage trigger.

                   Very easy to adjust power with hammer spring adjustments. Mine would shoot Crossman 14.3 @ 860fps or as low as 600fps or lower.  I have mine set at 750fps for 50 shots per fill with no poi change. Very efficient with such a small airtube.

                  Has a small air cylinder could hand pump if necessary.

            Cons- non regulated.

                      Mags are expensive.

Gaunlet Pros- High shot count 80 standard or mod it for 130 shots.


              Cons- Long. But shoulders well.

                       Bolt is very hard to cock.

                      Accuracy is ok. Quarter size groups @ 35yds.


                     Trigger is one stage.

Just some things that came to my mind. Just my opinion.