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A good review on what not to do when you assemble and run these things for the first time. If you are giving advice on the correct way of using something like these pumps, don't you think it would be wise to thoroughly educate yourself about some of the basic methods and part placements rather than giving wrong instructions. No doubt that if you had of continued, you probably would have done even more serious damage to the unit. These pumps are very simple and anybody with even a small amount of mechanical knowledge could assemble one, even without the instructions, by just looking at the photos in the adds. There is no need for Teflon tape on any of the threads. There is an appropriate gasket or washer to seal all the unions, in the spares bag. I can see why there is a lot of problems with these things if the average Joe is anything like you. Sorry to be so critical, you seem like a good guy but your reviews are done on the run without any knowledge about the products that you are describing. Looking something up on the internet and reading out the product specifications, does not make a review. A little bit of actually using a product and telling us what you like or dislike or if something breaks or malfunctions even if it's because of your own stupidity, would make a much better video. And please leave the cats in their box, that gimmick has been done.