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It seems that this thread has died a bit, well this morning I decided to take the Zbroia out, I noted the the air has leaked out completely, so, fill it up to 50bar and let the hand pump connected to see if the guauge rised, and it did, so now I knew from where the leaking was from, so, took it a part and checked, all seems to be ok, the main oring was fine, no nichs on it, futher, so took out out and there is a small screw in the midle of the valve that on the diagram says "special screw", the is a small oring there with the screw and it was a bit dry, so I changed to one I had  which wasn't exactly the same specs, jus a tad small on the OD side, put all together and it works perfectly, so if any of you guys ecounter the same, is most probably the same as I had, very simple and quick fix. Hope that will help someone in future with the same problem.

Also, while you have all a part, if you want increase or decrease the amount oair that the gun is using, take the back valve out, there is a nut with 4 holes, that nut is to keep pressure on the valve pin and regulates the opening of the valve, if your gun is using too much air, jus turn the nut in a bit, that will compress the spring and the valve will close quicker, just be careful not to turn too much othewise it will be hard on the hammer to open it.