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No reason for this post, other than every time I shoot one of my RAW’s ( doesn’t matter which one! ) it brings a smile to my face… FIT, Finnish, Precision  (mechanical & accuracy! ) attention to detail, just awsome!, I wish Martin and Sandra well, and hope they realize how much their guns make us owners HAPPY! shout out to their work force also!, Come on AIR FORCE do That THEOBEN name Proud! Oh and also never one WARRANTY ISSUE! , ( NEVER HAD A PROBLEM I DIDN’T CAUSE MYSELF! )always excellent service from them…

theres a whole lot of people thats feeling the way you do….THEOBEN got me wondering CAM AT AIR FORCE stated it will be touted for thr UK market. Its got me thinking will there be AIR FORCE UK PLANT IN THE FUTURE. …I KNOW THEY HAVE a new plant in TEXAS Lastly MARTIN AND SANDRA SO FAR the one thing we lost is the ability to talk to the two of our loss all the best to them