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SteveUK, So what fitting would I probably have to put on the YH hose?


A European one, or a Chinese one – but as pointed by someone who knows these things, the threads are different – problems all round

The problem seems to be the actual length of the Chinese/European fittings when mating mixed fittings – they push in, but the ball bearings can't drop into place and lock the 2 parts together – but that's in addition to mixed threads

All Chinese, or all European will work fine to snap together – just that there is a difference between the two standards – but then we come back to the different threads

I simply ditched the quick fit parts and screwed my air rifle fill adapter directly into the black cotton insert oil/water filter housing that is on the end of the fill whip – but now I'm told that the filter threads are different to my European threaded fill adapter

It's a mess – 2 different snap fit standards, and 2 different thread standards – but if you ditch the snap fit parts, you only need an adapter from Chinese thread on whip filter to Brocock thread on fill probe